Fast patrol launch and Sea Urchin

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Fast patrol launch and Sea Urchin

Post  Mazak on Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:50 am

Many years ago, too many to mention I built a Aerokits Fast patrol launch and later a small cabin boat called Sea Urchin. I still have these two models, the Fast patrol launch I sailed on Bude canal with an Enya .09 cu glow engine while the Sea Urchin which was also sailed on the canal had a .75cc mills diesel in it. The boats have survived the engines that were fitted in them while the engines have long since packed up. I'm talking about near on 40 years ago;-) Just one small additional info, when I was "using" the canal at Bude you could park on this waste ground and then sail on the canal, now you have to pay for the benefit of parking on there and the canal seems to have been taken over by so many rowing boats, so we have to wait for the end of the season so as to have the canal to ourselves, but we still have to pay to park on the car park as it now is! I dont think I have been there much since, certainly not sailing model boats.


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