Enya Marine Engines available new!

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Enya Marine Engines available new!

Post  Mr Zippy on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:23 pm

Hi Folks,
While trawling the web I've discovered an Enya SS50 Marine glow motor available brand new at Steve Webb Models, Frodsham Cheshire, producing a healthy 1.3bhp at a sensible 16,000 revs.
Intrigued I payed them a visit armed with my camera and Merco 61 for comparsion
(please see attached 3 pictures).
It's a superb motor of top quality, I suspect better than an OS, only problem is the £150 price,
quite a bit smaller and lighter than the old Merco with more power!
Enyas own website list Marine 60, 45, 21 & 15 glow motors available with prices in Yen,
Steve Webb's guys were only aware of the 50 being available for the UK, but if pushed I suspect they could get them, or you go direct to Japan.
Enya also produce a range of equally high quality diesel aircraft enigines, with parallel fins just the job for water cooling.
Steve Webb's has to be one of the best stocked model shops I have seen in this country,
it was like going back to how model shops used be 30 years ago, packed to the gunnels,
scale stick and tissue aircraft hanging from the ceiling etc.
They also had boxes piled high of Saito and OS engines, with muli cylinder radials
and the OS straight 4 cylinder on display in a glass cabinet.
I hope this may be of interest to any IC enthusiasts looky to have water to run their models on, especially our good friends up at Fleetwood hello to Mike, Pete and Brian. Regards Paul

Mr Zippy

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