New Ebay find

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New Ebay find

Post  tiggy_cat on Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:40 am

hi All'

I have mentioned before that one of the old boats that I have and intend to bring back into use is a Screwdriver offfshore style boat . This was built in wood from plans back in the mid 70's and fitted with a Gannet petrol motor.

I recently purchased a hull on Ebay which was slightly mis-described but looked similar from the small photo. It has just arrived and is a beautiful fibre glass version of the Screwdriver. Fitted with engine mount, prop tube and rudder, but never finished or used, it is a cracker!. Looking for a suitable engine for it . Tempted to fit and unused Austro Webra .61 from the same era and use it for BMPRS offshore class b Racing. Or might just keep it for fun!!


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