Streamlinia hull..

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Streamlinia hull..

Post  Dodgy Geezer on Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:29 am

I have just picked up a Streamlinia hull.

It is not carved from solid wood, but seems to be made of some fibrous composite material - a bit like hardboard ground down and impregnated with resin. It may have been moulded around a male plug - the outside chine is rounded while the inside is quite sharp. It may, indeed, be a female mould, though it is equipped with prop-shaft and rudder.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas where it may have come from? It looks to be finished fairly professionally, but I know of no commercial moulded Streamlinias. The story from the lad I got it from on ebay was that he had been given it by his grandfather when he was about 8 - back around 1965, and he had never done anything with it since. The propshaft is an original Bassett-Lowke 1930s one, which seems to bear this out...

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